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Bezier line drawer for Mac

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MopiShape makes it more enjoyable drawing illustration with your mouse.
Different from paint brush like apps which have pen or brush style interface, not suited for mouse operation, MopiShape provides easy to use tools to build vector based lines which are calculated using control points. It makes easier for you to draw illustration using mouse.
MopiShape is a drawing app using bezier lines.
It is suited for making a relatively small illustration such as icon, not recommended for a large poster.
But you may enjoy the simple vector based drawing with it.
Different from paint brush like apps which use pen or brushes to draw lines,
MopiShape defines lines using several points such as start point, end point and curve control points, etc. You can adjust lines by moving control points..
Since MopiShape redraws shapes instantly while changing the position of points, you can see the result and try until you satisfy for your work.
Although you may be puzzled at first time, you will get used to it soon and you will be able to draw interesting works easily.
When completed your work, you may export final image to common image format files. MopiShape can write tiff, png, jpeg, gif and windows bmp format.
You can use your own art works on your homepage, greeting cards, poster, etc.
Enjoy drawing with MopiShape.
Drawings are saved with the MopiShape's file format. OS X Lion's autosave feature keeps your work always saved. If necessary, you can revert to the older version image easily.
For developpers…
If you are an App developper, MopiShape is useful to draw your icons. MopiShape's Cow icon itself is drawn with MopiShape.