Application Factory


illust Map Drawer for iPad

Create your original map on iPad.  
It draws streets just with some touches of your fingers.  It is amazing two streets merges into one shape at any intersections.  You may get streets shaped with bezier curve,  it is very beautiful and fun.Then place stamps of map symbols and icon graphics.

 Map Editor

for Mac

Map Editor is a drawer of illustrated maps.
You can make your original map to tell; next BBQ place, restaurant for welcome party, your shop in free market, your next street live, etc.


A vector based drawing app on Mac

Enjoy a simple vector based drawing experience.
Mopishape is a tiny vector based drawer using bezier lines.
For developers, Mopishape is very useful to create app's icon files.


Barcode label 

SASHIKOMI allows you to create barcode labels instantly with builtin barcode generators; QR code, ITF, Code39, Code128 and EAN/JAN.
You do NOT need to create barcode images separately one by one with other barcode app and put it to the label document.
You just add a barcode element to the label and add barcode values as insertion data.

Engineer Work Time

Time sheet app for iPhone

A personal time book for System consultants and Engineers.
It has been a mess to open PC just to enter your work record into excel sheet when you are about to go back home. This app does not take much of your time to record your work. 

Pitch Scope

Audio Signal analyzer on iPhone, iPad

The Pitch Scope app measures the sound taken from the microphone and displays the pitch, waveform and spectrum on the screen in real time.
Why do vowels U O A E I sound like U O A E I? You can see and check the waveform and spectrum of each vowel. Also, for example, if someone says "this guitar sounds brightly!. and that one sounds heavy" . What is the difference? When you have such questions, you may check it with this app.

Metronome Poku Poku

Simple Metronome

Simple Metronome with Star for practicing music. Tempo range from 30 to 240, 
Four rhythms 4, 3, 2 and 6 or none.